(“Webis” or “the Group”)

WatchandWager.com LLC announces agreement with Hong Kong Jockey Club Horse Race Betting Limited

The Board of Webis Holdings Plc is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, WatchandWager.com LLC (“WatchandWager”), has signed an agreement with the Hong Kong Jockey Club Horse Race Betting Limited (“HKJC”) to provide access to the HKJC pari-mutuel pools. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, WatchandWager conducts US licensed advanced deposit pool wagering and racetrack operations.

The HKJC agreement is of particular significance as no other wagering operator in the world is currently able to wager internationally into these betting pools.

Connecting into the Hong Kong Jockey Club pools will commence with a select group of WatchandWager customers on Sunday, 16 March. WatchandWager will access the Hong Kong betting pools via Typhoon Hub Ltd, the first tote company to integrate into the Hong Kong Jockey Club pools this season.

Both parties have the option to renew the agreement for the racing Season 2014/15. Internationally, the HKJC offers the highest quality of racing and racing integrity and also provides significant pool liquidity across all its bet types. As a result, WatchandWager expects the positive impact on its handle and gross margin to be substantial, especially should the agreement continue into a second season of racing in Hong Kong.

Ed Comins, President of WatchandWager.com LLC, said: “We are honoured to partner with an organisation as prestigious as the HKJC. The integrity of their international product and the huge pool liquidity are sure to be attractive to our players, especially with our high volume operators. As with many of our recent content license agreements that we have signed, it was our licensed online and racetrack operations in the US, and our contributions back into racing both in the US and worldwide, which won us this important contract.”