Directorate Change and Grant of Options

The Board of plc (‘’), the global on-line gaming group, is pleased to announce the appointment of Damon Waddington FCCA as Finance Director. Damon, who is 35, joined the Group in February 2006 as Financial Controller. He previously held the position of Financial Controller within the Fortis Group.

Since Damon’s arrival at, he has been responsible for the reorganisation of the Company’s financial operations and has already identified and implemented many cost reductions.

Managing Director, Garry Knowles said today: “I am very happy to welcome Damon onto the board of He has already proven to be a great asset to the Company and he will add substantial experience to the executive team.”

Damon is also a director of Premium Consultants Ltd (an Isle of Man company) and a partner of Mishka Partnership. No other information in respect of Damon Waddington is required to be disclosed under Schedule Two (g) of the AIM Rules. plc also announces that the Remuneration Committee has granted options to Garry Knowles, Managing Director. The options have been issued under the 2005 Share Option Plan.

On 20 September 2006, the Company issued options over a total of 3,500,000 ordinary shares of 1p each, with an exercise price of 6.0565p per ordinary share, exerciseable between 20 September 2009 and 20 September 2016.

In addition, Garry Knowles is interested in share options over ordinary shares of 1p each also granted under the 2005 Share Option Plan.

On 18 March 2005, options were granted to Garry Knowles over 1,500,000 shares at an exercise price of 10.4p per share, exercisable between 18 March 2008 and 18 March 2015 and on 30 March 2006 over 9,000,000 shares at an exercise price of 5p per share, exercisable between 30 March 2009 and 30 March 2016.