The Company received notification on 1 December 2003 that one of its non-executive directors, Mr Mark Child, sold 1,150,000 ordinary shares in betinternet at 9p per share, representing 0.98% interest on 28 November 2003. The sale of these shares was prompted by the director’s need to raise cash for pressing personal reasons. Following this transaction Mr Child no longer holds any shares in betinternet.

The Company was also notified on 1 December that Burnbrae Limited (“Burnbrae”) acquired 1,100,000 shares on 28 November 2003. As a result of this purchase of shares, Burnbrae is interested in 26,100,000 shares in the Company, representing 22.38% of its issued ordinary share capital. Mr Denham Eke, chairman of betinternet, is also managing director of Burnbrae, a private investment company.