Euro, the pari-mutuel and content provider based in the Isle of Man in the British Isles has made ‘commingling’ of wagers on international racing a reality.

The company in conjunction with it’s stateside based partner US Off-Track, commenced a ‘worlds first’, the broadcasting of a new wagering service in the US, with the introduction of top quality Irish greyhound racing. The two tracks which are being broadcast are Dublin based, Shelbourne Park and Harold’s Cross into a host of stateside tracks from the 13th January.

Vincent Caldwell, Director of Euro said “We have been working on this project with our partners, US Off-Track and the Irish Greyhound Board, with the initial goal to achieve co-mingling of international transatlantic wagers for a considerable period of time. Now on a daily basis we broadcast Irish Greyhound pictures to North America, where punters can use the existing US infrastructure to wager on. We are providing services to Tucson, Seabrook, Naples, Raynham, Lakes Region, Wonderland, Tampa Greyhound, Derby Lane, Racing Services, Racing Channel, US off-track and Artax Gaming. The technical elements have been immense but the reality is that they have been overcome and US punters are able to place their wagering ‘dollars’ at the host track, transmitted to the Euro Off Track hub straight into the Irish Euro pools seamlessly”.

Caldwell further added, “Euro has become a significant international provider of content and services and has created a ‘first’ in the world – true commingling back into the host track on another continent, with USA customers experiencing no difference in wagering on the Irish greyhound product. The initial numbers on week one are encouraging and our next phase is to widen the distribution in North America and South America and latterly to deliver US wagering products across the Atlantic”.

Steve Hlas, President of US Off-Track, commented, “What has allowed this project to become successful is the teamwork that has developed between the Euro Off-Track and US Off-Track staffs. The level of competency achieved by the Euro Off-Track tote hub staff allows us to execute our strategy in a multiple community, currency and track environment. The communication and delineation of tasks between the two companies have evolved into an effective and responsive team. I am most pleased with what we have achieved and I am excited about the opportunities in the pipeline.”