Company Reports

Date PublishedCategoryReport TitleFile Size
21/11/2017AnnualAnnual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements - year ended 31May2017828 kB
28/02/2017InterimInterim Report 2016332 kB
30/11/2016AnnualAnnual Reports and Accounts 2016894 kB
29/02/2016InterimInterim Report 2015357 kB
30/12/2015AnnualAnnual Reports and Accounts 20153 MB
30/11/2015FinancialFinal Results Announcement 2015539 kB
25/02/2015InterimInterim Report 2014769 kB
24/02/2015InterimInterim Results 2014268 kB
26/11/2014AnnualAnnual Report and Accounts 20142 MB
20/11/2014FinancialFinal Results Announcement 2014284 kB
21/02/2014InterimInterim Report 2013686 kB
29/10/2013Annual Annual Report and Accounts 20132 MB
28/10/2013FinancialFinal Results Announcement 2013590 kB
21/02/2013InterimInterim Report 20122 MB
05/10/2012AnnualAnnual Report & Accounts 20123 MB
28/09/2012FinancialFinal Results Announcement 2012268 kB
02/02/2012InterimInterim Report 20112 MB
23/09/2011AnnualAnnual Report & Accounts 2011220 kB
15/09/2011FinancialPreliminary Announcement 2011110 kB
14/02/2011InterimInterim Report 20104 MB
26/10/2010AnnualAnnual Report & Accounts 20106 MB
15/10/2010FinancialPreliminary Announcement 201080 kB
03/02/2010InterimInterim Report 20097 MB
25/09/2009AnnualAnnual Report & Accounts 2009787 kB
23/09/2009FinancialPreliminary Announcement 2009180 kB
05/02/2009InterimInterim Reports for the Period Ending November 30th 2008191 kB
10/11/2008AnnualAnnual Report & Accounts 2008741 kB
18/02/2008InterimInterims to 25th November 2007211 kB
08/10/2007AnnualAnnual Report & Accounts 20074 MB
26/09/2007FinancialPreliminary Announcement 200734 kB
01/02/2007InterimInterim Results February 200729 kB
15/09/2006AnnualAnnual Report and Accounts for 20062 MB
07/09/2006PreliminariesPreliminary Announcement 200653 kB
27/02/2006InterimInterims to 27th November 200525 kB
30/11/2005PreliminariesPreliminary Announcement 200538 kB
30/11/2005AnnualAnnual Report and Accounts for 20052 MB
04/02/2005InterimInterims to 28th November 2004149 kB
15/12/2004AnnualAnnual Report and Accounts for 2004714 kB
01/12/2004PreliminariesPreliminary Announcement 2004151 kB
30/01/2004InterimInterims to 30th November 2003152 kB
01/09/2003AnnualAnnual Report and Accounts for 20032 MB
31/07/2003PreliminariesPreliminary Announcement 2003172 kB
23/05/2003PresentationsIsle of Man Government Case Study33 kB
30/04/2003InterimInterims to 1st December 200222 kB
21/11/2002AnnualAnnual Report and Accounts for 2002513 kB
04/02/2002InterimInterims to 30th November 200152 kB
19/11/2001AnnualAnnual Report and Accounts for 2001349 kB
31/05/2000AnnualAnnual Report and Accounts for 2000208 kB
28/04/2000FinancialProspectus529 kB