Directors’ Interests

The Company was notified on 4 March 2003 of the following purchases of shares in the Company by directors as set out below:

Director Shares bought Price per share Total shareholding Percentage of share capital
Paul Doona 166,667 4.0p 319,667 0.27%
Sean Graham 333,333 4.0p 333,333 0.28%
Jim Mellon 700,000* 3.5p 718,000 0.61%

The shares acquired on 4 March 2003 by Mr Mellon are registered in the name of Pershing Nominees Limited, on behalf of Titec Limited.

Jim Mellon is a beneficiary of a trust that holds the entire issued share capital of Burnbrae Limited. Burnbrae Limited is interested in 25,000,000 ordinary shares in betinternet which represents 21.4% of the Company’s issued share capital. Separately, Mr Mellon, following the above transaction, is also interested in 718,000 ordinary shares in the Company.